Study Material and Presentations  
The East Bay Amateur Radio Club, Inc. 
Technician Class License Course 
I am posting files of the classroom presentations for students who had to miss a class or want to review. The presentations are saved in PDF format which should be viewable in your browser. 
Chapter 1: 
Introduction to Amateur Radio and the FCC,  
Chapter 2: 
Signal and Waves 
Radio Equipment Basics  
Chapter 3: 
Basic Electricity and Power,   
Basic Components and Units 
Types of Radios and Circuits 
Chapter 4: 
Antennas, Feedlines, and SWR,  
Practical Antennas 
Chapter 5: 
Transmitters and Receivers and Digital 
Power Supplies and RF Interference 
Chapter 6: 
Contact Basics,  
EMCOM and Activities 
Chapter 7: 
Working with the FCC
Bands and Privileges,  
International Rules & Call Signs 
Chapter 8: 
Control Operator,  
Interference & Remote Operation 
Chapter 9: 
Electrical Safety,  
RF Exposure,  
Mechanical Safety 
See you in class.  73.  
Tech PowerPoints 
Fall 2019 Tech Class Slides